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I'm not the smartest guy in the world. I've had more than four years of the same Mac files without ever backing it up. Dumb, right? I learned my lesson: while installing the Lion upgrade, my entire directory was corrupted and my disk wouldn't mount.

Disk Utility couldn't repair it and told me to reformat and reinstall. I'll freely admit, I got a little misty eyed when I saw that: all of my music, my photos, my apps, my settings and most importantly, my work would vanish.

AppleCare couldn't help, except to point me to you. Using DiskWarrior, I was able to start my broken laptop in target disk mode and rescue everything via firewire with the click of _one_ button. Less than 20 minutes later, my computer was back to normal and I'm now writing this thank you letter on it. Everything is back exactly the way I left it, with no reformatting or reinstallation.

Thank you Alsoft. Thank you for restoring my computer. Thank you for rescuing my weekend. Thank you for saving my sanity. You have earned a loyal supporter.



Just a word of thanks for saving my bacon today. Yesterday, a large external drive, on which much of my work depends, cratered on me. I spent several hours last night trying to fix it, and at every try, things only got worse, to the point that it wouldn't show up on the desktop anymore and none of the usual utilities could save it. So I assumed I would have to cannibalize my data and software from the drive and re-format.

I went down to the Apple store today and bought another FireWire drive to help in the process; but I gave in to sudden impulse and also bought the current version of DiskWarrior (4) and decided to give it a try before cannibalizing the drive. By itself, it fixed the problem (from boot up to finish) in about 20 minutes. I am grateful.



Dear Alsoft

I have to tell you that this is the best product ever invented. I restarted my Apple Xserver to find that my data partition with all of my students projects, etc had disappeared. When I went to the back up, I found that it was corrupt. After a severe panic attack and hours on the phone with Apple, I purchased your product. It found and rebuilt my drive in no time, with no loss of data. THANK YOU!!!!



To whom it may concern:

DiskWarrior saved me $1500 to $2000 quoted me by a disk recovery service. I was able to build a temporary directory and backup a very slow moving (broken) drive and recover 4500 Photos and thousands of Client files. You guys have a great product!

Thank you,


Dear Alsoft team,

You saved my life... I have a 2TB disk with all my photos that crashed, and DiskWarrior rebuilt the directory and recovered it all in less than an hour.

I cannot thank you enough, I'm truly grateful..



Saudi Arabia

I had just finished a 4 day long video shoot at a large horse show as I was the official videographer. I had been diligently backing up my sessions, as I'm well aware that hardware problems with HD's can occur at any time for many reasons. I was in the process, actually, of backing up about 4 hours worth of videos, which in dollars would amount to significant sales once edited and delivered on DVD. Far more importantly than the money however, was my professional reputation. This was the last day of the show and these were all championship runs. I was in the process of breaking down my video kiosk and accidentally pulled the power strip/surge protector out of the wall as the contents of the external 500 GB firewire drive I use to capture from the camera were copying over to another drive.  As a result of the sudden power-off, the directory I'd been copying had become unreadable. I could see the files, but when I clicked on them they'd just poof. I could remount the drive and the files would came back, but they remained in the same state of disrepair.

I was devastated. All that work, all those people counting on me, all gone in a moment of stupidity. During the drive home all I could think about was downloading DiskWarrior. I'm a pretty heavy geek by trade in both my video business and my day job, but I don't pretend to begin to understand the finer dynamics of hard drives. I know when laymen talk to me about what a "genius" I am for fixing the most simple of problems and are ecstatic that I can't help but laugh a little. So Alsoft, I don't know whether or not this was one of those "simple" things, but I can tell you I'm ecstatic and I will spread the word, believe you me. I've known of DiskWarrior for years through message boards, but frankly I'd never needed it. I knew exactly where to turn thanks to your fine reputation on the internet, and I'm so glad I did because in 5 minutes I had all my video clips back and they're now snugly backed up. Alsoft you saved my bacon big time and I cannot express how satisfied I am with your product. Apple disk utility's repair function just coughed up some horrible error message, whereas DiskWarrior fixed it 100%. Way to go, you've earned a customer for life!



Just wanted to let you know your program worked like a charm. In ten minutes I had access to my external drive again. The disk utility in Mac OS saw the volume and said it repaired it but I was unable to mount it. DiskWarrior repaired it and I'm back up and running again. What an amazing product! Keep up the good work!



Thanks - AND - I was able to recover my main start up disk - which crashed badly and I hadn't backed up for 3 weeks. I was frantic. Nothing I tried worked. I'm DELIGHTED with DiskWarrior 4. WOW is all I can say and thanks again. Did I say WOW...


Hello, My MacBook Pro recently crashed and the Mac geniuses were unable to fix it so they told me about DiskWarrior. Every picture I have of my 5 month old son was on my computer and your product fixed it. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done if I lost his pictures. The backup feature on my MacBook Pro doesn't work, so I wasn't able to back up my computer before I started having problems. I was wondering if your company makes backup software. Thank You again for such a great product.



Yesterday, DiskWarrior saved more than the day. I am so glad I bought the disk.

Thank you all


An inadvertent power interruption while performing a supplemental backup left my new 500GB external drive - which also contains the only consolidated backup of a few years worth of projects and media from my previous computer - in a very quirky state.

Distraught that Apple's Disk Utility could achieve nothing, I decided to purchase DiskWarrior 4. Within 15 minutes of receiving the application, my drive was repaired to perfect operation and nothing was lost. The MacWorld review is true: you saved my bacon!

Many thanks,


First off, the downloaded version of your product was an ABSOLUTE LIFESAVER. It recovered a bunch of info off of a failing drive and made my design department's day. We're Mac folks in a PC world here, so it was up to us to save our data. Without DiskWarrior, we'd have been hosed!




I had a dreaded "invalid B-tree node size" issue with my iMac...tried another tool and it ran for days, and resulted in a kernel panic at boot as opposed to hanging indefinitely. Disk Utility was worthless...identified the issue but wouldn't repair. I downloaded DiskWarrior from your site, and within 10 minutes my hard drive was repaired. A real life saver! If you ever want a testimonial, just let me know...I am now a DiskWarrior evangelist.



Hi Alsoft,

Wanted to give a quick thanks for DiskWarrior 4.0!

I had a sibling node error that was unrepairable with OS X's Disk Utility (and its underlying fsck). Another disk utility just quit with no message when analyzing the volume structure of the disk.

I had resigned myself to reloading the OS on this laptop and then restoring the user's data files. I purchased DiskWarrior as a last resort before rebuilding the system. It was able to restore the system completely, saving me several hours of work (and pretty much paying for itself in the first hour of ownership).

Kudos and thanks again!!



DiskWarrior ROCKS!! All of my other recovery programs wouldn't even attempt to repair my crashed disk, all shut down during disk verification and told me recovery was impossible. I had all but given up hope and decided on a friend's recommendation to give DiskWarrior a try and was able to recover every single file!! Thank you!!!


North Carolina

If you are looking for more testimonials...Here's my story:

I was doing some programming this morning on the bus. I put my PowerBook to sleep before walking to my office. When I got to my desk I plugged in and opened my powerbook. I opened Mail.app and within about 10 seconds the machine froze with a kernel panic. I restarted by holding down the power button. When I logged back in all of my Preferences were gone. In fact, my entire personal Library folder wasn't there! After digging around more I realized that all of the files in my home directory, and several folders besides Library were all gone... all of my Mail, Music, Photos, Bookmarks, Desktop, Stickies etc. GONE!

I should note that I use OSX's File Vault on my Home folder because it is a security requirement at my office. After my catastrophe occurred, I began searching around the web for clues. I discovered that many other File Vault users had similar tales of data loss. I went to the Genius Bar at my local Apple store and they suggested the standard things.. Disk Utility, fsck (single user mode), all of which I had already done. I asked them about DiskWarrior because it was recommended by a friend of mine. They said it might be worth a try, but that it probably would not help because of FileVault's encryption. They told me my best bet was to completely wipe my computer and re-install OS X. I took a chance and bought the latest version of DiskWarrior. Within about 30 minutes DiskWarrior had completely repaired my FileVaulted Home folder. This saved me days of work, and recovered personal data that I would have never been able to replace. Thank you for making such an excellent tool!




Your DiskWarrior Software has just saved my career! I don't think there's much more to say.


Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! My 3 terabyte RAID array containing YEARS of work (HD video editing and graphics) had suddenly gone south and was unrepairable using Apple's Disk Utility.

I purchased and downloaded DiskWarrior 4 and within 10 minutes EVERYTHING was completely restored with no data loss whatsoever. Amazing!

Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic product......you have a very grateful customer on this end.





This software is fantastic. My disk crashed and I downloaded the DiskWarrior 4 and was up and running again in 10 minutes. Unbelievable.

Thank you,


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for making such great software you have saved the day for me.

Thanks, S.

United Kingdom


I just want to let you know two hours ago, I purchased DiskWarrior 4 for my Mac Intel computer and external drives. I downloaded my one copy and the other CD version is in the mail to me, I understand.

I installed the program and used it to check and work on a 500gb Western Digital FireWire/USB HD that went bad on me. I had a lot of important, personal and irreplaceable data stored on this external drive and, when the directory and file structure got corrupted, it appeared it was damaged enough to be beyond meaningful recovery. Even my Mac's widely hailed "Disk Utility" app couldn't help -- all it could do was tell me I had problems too serious for the app to fix.

In a matter of minutes, DiskWarrior was able to build a new directory and allow me to recover what appears to be everything on the drive. Right now, I'm copying the data from the corrupted HD to a new HD.

I was resigning myself to spending hundreds of dollars on a data recovery service in order to retrieve my "lost" data. DiskWarrior has saved me a lot of money and all in the first two hours in which I've had the program.

It has already paid for itself in full -- any future recovery is simply icing on the cake.

And I've barely tapped into the program's full use and potential.

DiskWarrior is, without a doubt, my software of choice when it comes to recovering and backing up data.

Thanks, everyone, for a solid piece of software.



North Dakota

A dark night and a new day ...

I purchased and received a brand new iMac 24" only two weeks ago. Set it up for 4 users. Spent a lot of time tweaking and moving files over to it. Everything had been fine until last night. I had a small problem with one user not being able to open Safari. AppleCare suggested running "Disk Utility". Big mistake. Long story short - It reported "Keys out of order", unable to fix ... and disabled the hard drive. Second AppleCare rep said to bring it in to a store, but also mentioned "DiskWarrior". Thank god he did.

The Apple store ran Disk Utility - failed again. They tried to see the contents using FireWire through another Mac. Nothing. They told me all I could do was to reformat and start over, or replace the hard drive! This was completely unacceptable to me. 2 weeks worth of time and years worth of files moved over from the PC. ... gone? I asked about "DiskWarrior", they had it in the store. I purchased it, and ran it right there. And it worked. Everything completely back to normal. Best $100 I've ever spent. Even the Apple Store employees couldn't believe how easily it worked. Converting from a PC, I assumed that everything Mac would be a little simpler. In the case of DiskWarrior, it was simply amazing.

My sincere thanks,


Dear Alsoft,

I just sent you the best $99 I have ever spent on software. I recently lost my main drive to a mechanical failure and was spending days re-loading everything because I had not backed up often enough. I swore I would do better. I replaced it with RAID 1 mirrored drives.

In the process my external 600gig beast (dual 300) RAID striped HD failed to mount. I hadn't gotten it backed up in the frenzy. The shop said the case and drives checked out. They were sure it was a OS software problem with the RAID. Applecare said it was toast if directory damage. All they could do was tell me to reformat and start over. They did mention it might be worth trying DiskWarrior.

They were so right. In less than 15 minutes, 500 gigs of information were up and running again. What a relief. Everything will be at least RAID 1 from now on and I'll keep DiskWarrior handy.

Thanks again


Dear Alsoft,

You are God. I bow down to you. I worship you. I will send you my first born ... well, I'll spare you the last part.

But thank you for rebuilding my 10.4.5/9.2.2 hard drive that was dead to the world and had my taxes which hadn't been backed up for 11 months, plus the rest of my miserable life.

The rapidly downloadable version of DiskWarrior mounted it in "preview mode" allowing me to back up everything, and it also now looks like the drive is going to be ok.

Best $108.90 USD I ever spent.

Thanks again,



Dear whoever reads this,

DiskWarrior 4 saved my day!

One of my external FireWire disks, the one which I keep the music I compose, starting acting up last night. It suddenly wouldn't mount. Now, I had a fairly recent backup but had just done some stuff the past two days that I really didn't want to lose.

I did some research on various disk tools for Mac OS X, and DiskWarrior and another tool came up as the strongest contenders. After reading through numerous forums, it was clear that a majority of experienced Mac users recommend DiskWarrior - based on reliability, performance and pricing. So I went ahead and bought DiskWarrior, via your website.

DiskWarrior managed to recreate a fully working hard disk (250 gb) in less than 10 minutes.

Just wanted to write back and thank you for providing an excellent product. Best $99 I ever spent :)

Best regards,


Hey Alsoft -

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your product DiskWarrior...

I have an older Dual-G4 Mac that had a hard drive which stopped getting recognized, thus essentially crippling my Mac. I took it in for a diagnostic, and they couldn't even mount the drive. They pretty much told me I was all but out of luck. As a last ditch effort, I bought DiskWarrior to see if it could rescue the contents on the hard drive. I have a newer Mac as well so I thought it would be good for preventative maintenance on my that machine as well.

Turns out, not only was I able to grab the contents off the hard drive and back it up to an external drive, but DiskWarrior FIXED THE DRIVE! This is an amazing utility.

I'm going to spread the good word to all my Mac friends to get this product. In a world of mediocre software, this one stands out!

Thanks again!


I just finished restoring my files with DiskWarrior. Worked perfectly. Nothing else would recognize or repair it. Best $99 I have ever spent.



I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the service that was provided to me by your tech support was over and above my expectations of any type of customer services rep. I emailed in an error I was getting when using DiskWarrior. I thought my drive was lost, but your tech support helped me download a CD update then he talked my son, who was at home at the time with the laptop, through building a new directory over the phone. I can now retrieve the data that is on my drive and possibly salvage the entire drive. I was willing to just throw in the towel, but your tech support kept at it until we got results!

Thanks a ton,


I want to let you know that your software rules!

I recently lost my Music volume on my hard drive (100 GB of music, much of it original) and have spent days trying to figure how to recover it. I would have been pretty bummed if I lost it.

I heard about your software multiple times on Apple's discussion board, so I decided to purchase it. My investment in your software paid off because my volume is now restored!

Thank you!!!


Dear Alsoft,

Ok, Let me start off by telling you how my week started. I came to work Monday and found my 200 gig external HD completely messed up. On this disk was years of digital photos, 30+ gigs of MP3's and 4 websites. Thankfully I had the important stuff backed up to another drive, but the stuff I didn't have backed up was going to kill me, because now, I considered this stuff important.

First thing I did was to run DiskWarrior 3.0.3. It reported how badly (mechanically) broken the disk was (due to a hardware malfunction). So, off I went and bought some new drives. But I was not ready to give up on losing this content. I downloaded an app that searches the disk and then you pay to have the data recovered based on how much you want to restore. Well needless to say, it was unable to find the stuff I wanted recovered.

So, the drive has been sitting on my desk. I headed on over to a software updates website and what do I see, DiskWarrior 4 (and it said on your website that version 4 recovers more data from drives with hardware malfunctions). WOW! I am so happy. Version 4 ran for about 15 minutes and was able to bring up a temporary disk and I was able to get all the stuff off of it that I didn't have backed up. Over 20 gigs of content! I can't tell you how pleased I am with your product. I hope this is the first of many more DiskWarrior 4 success stories you have coming your way.

Thanks again,



Your software and tech support team saved my life/computer yesterday and I want you to know how appreciative I am for that. Apple support suggested your product after they had exhausted the use of their tools with no luck in saving my system. You have a superior product and I have never received better tech support from any other company. The technician was very knowledgeable, patient and prompt!!

Thanks again,


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! You guys are AWESOME, and the DiskWarrior software is rebuilding my crashed directory as I type this, so hopefully I'll be back up and running very soon. I sincerely appreciate all of the help today on this. Thanks again,



Just to let you know that "DiskWarrior" worked amazingly! fixed my problem was a big relief was considering having to lose everything over the last couple of weeks, is all good and know have made another back up.

Thanks again!!!!!


Clerkenwell, London. United Kingdom.

Dear Al,

I have been a loyal customer of Alsoft products since MacPlus days. Many generations of Macs have come and gone since then. I run DiskWarrior on my iMac every time I install a new application or make a major change, which is at least once a week. I'm an active kind of guy. And some people say there is no software for Macs?

I keep my Directory damage down below 1%. Occasionally it gets over 2%. I have no idea how anyone can use his Macintosh without DiskWarrior. But some do. My brother uses his about once a year. He gets me to do it for him because he can't remember how it works. His Directory damage is 65% and more. How does his Mac keep running?? I just don't know. Some people!

If you need anyone to say nice things about Alsoft, give me a call. I'll set 'em straight. You are the best!


In the Box

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