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Since its initial release, DiskWarrior has always been the most honored disk repair, recovery and maintenance program. Simply put, DiskWarrior wins more awards and has the highest ratings. A leading consumer magazine even rated it a "best buy." DiskWarrior 5 continues this long-standing tradition. It's received top honors. Keep reading to learn what they're saying about DiskWarrior 5.

DaringFireballiMore: Save your Mac's hard drive with DiskWarrior 5

Of all the tools you can keep in a Mac utility toolbox, one of the most important involves whatever you'll use to recover data from a failing or messed up hard drive. And the tool I always go to first when I'm having drive troubles is Alsoft's DiskWarrior. [Read the full article]

DrMacBob "Dr. Mac" Levitus (Houston Chronicle)

Alsoft’s DiskWarrior 4.1, an application that prevents and resolves hard-disk directory damage, just saved my bacon again. I inserted my DiskWarrior CD. Eventually DiskWarrior appeared on its screen with its first encouraging sign — it not only recognized my internal startup disk, but unlike Disk Utility, it recognized it by its name, Boots. The second encouraging sign was that DiskWarrior’s Rebuild button was available. I clicked it, and half an hour later DiskWarrior had successfully built a new optimized directory. When I restarted, my Mac was back to normal. [Read the full article]

FiveMiceMacworld 23rd Annual Editors' Choice

DiskWarrior turns ten years old in fall of 2008, and in the past decade, no other utility has come close to challenging its prowess at repairing disk-directory problems. DiskWarrior 4 is no exception. The long-awaited Intel-native version of the utility adds features for ferreting out corrupted preference files, repairing OS X permissions, repairing and rebuilding access control lists, and repairing more types of disk problems than previous versions could handle. DiskWarrior remains as valuable today as it ever was. [Read the full article]

FiveMiceMacworld Magazine

In our tests, DiskWarrior spotted many small and large problems on defective hard disks. We tested it on several Macs currently in regular use, and the program found and repaired instances on all of them. We also ran DiskWarrior on hard disks where we manually corrupted directory information using a sector editor, and DiskWarrior repaired those problems too.

Few utilities are as important and as reliable as DiskWarrior 4. Throughout many years, this program has showed its value as a data and bacon saver, and this new version continues to provide essential maintenance and repair features. This may be one of the few programs that every Mac user should own. [Read the full review]


You simply can’t afford losing several days of work, because of a hard disk failure. Of course, we backup, and so a hard disk failure shouldn’t matter so much, but when the drive gives up on you in the middle of a project that is of importance, DiskWarrior may be the only application to save your day.

I won’t focus on the value of DiskWarrior when it comes to recovering a hard disk in this review. Let’s just say I’ve had at least 2 disks over the years that I managed to bring back to life using DiskWarrior, where other tools failed. Since that time, I feel uncomfortable without it. The new version will make me feel even more comfortable. [Read the full review]


I once read a web posting that said something to the effect of “There are two groups of people: those that already believe in DiskWarrior, and those that will someday believe in DiskWarrior.” While that may be a bit overstated, DiskWarrior continues today to be one of the most beloved utilities on the Mac. Why? Because it works, and it works well — not to mention, it has saved many from disaster.

We’ve been big fans of DiskWarrior for years. It’s a great utility, and it has saved our butts more than once. There are many times that we see machines doing “funky things” and the first line of defense is to run DiskWarrior. This new version is so much faster, and gives you the ability to do more from a single app. If you are a current user: it’s a must upgrade. If you aren’t a current user, you should think about it. [Read the full review in the February, 2007 issue]


I've heard it said that Adobe's release of the Universal version of the Photoshop Beta is going to help Apple sell a lot of the new Intel-based computers. While I do not disagree with that statement, I think that the Universal release of DiskWarrior 4 will sell more. For those who've found that the best way to provide general maintenance and repair of their computer by DiskWarrior will now be able to obtain a new Intel-based Mac, and feel safe.

In short, Alsoft has taken a fantastic and important program and made it better. There are very few programs that I insist that people get for their Macs, but this is the one that every Mac user should have. Like a car, if you do not do general maintenance, you will eventually have problems. While the Mac OS is an absolutely wonderful OS, it does need general servicing. Regardless of any other maintenance or repair program you get, the one you cannot be without is DiskWarrior. [Read the full review]

macsonly6Macs Only!

DiskWarrior repairs and optimizes hard drive disk directories by building a new one and then, once you have had an opportunity to compare the before and after directories, you can replace the old with the new. Past versions of DiskWarrior have repaired our PPC hard drives when other utilities could not, a for-real life-saver.

DiskWarrior 4 works as well as it ever has and now it is a Universal app ready to respond when an emergency arises on our Intel iMac. We'll sleep better tonight. [Read the full review]

PBCentralPB Central

Is your ‘Book ailing? Apple computers and the Mac OS are pretty reliable, but once in a while even Macs can have problems, and when the issue is disk-related, the tool I turn to first (and usually last) is Alsoft’s superb disk diagnostic, maintenance, and repair utility, DiskWarrior.

In the best Macintosh tradition, DiskWarrior “just works” through a user-friendly and easy to understand graphical user interface. If you’re a veteran user of this program, DiskWarrior 4 works pretty much the same as good old Classic DiskWarrior does. It’s still extremely user-friendly. [Read the full review]


DiskWarrior 4.0 is Alsoft’s Universal version of their software, finally coming to the aid of Intel-based Mac users with a product that seems to just about do it all now. As part of a preventive maintenance program for my Mac, I would run Disk Utility once a week and then run DiskWarrior once a month. Version 4.0 now comes with the ability to rebuild/repair the disk directory, repair disk permissions, search for corrupted preference files and also to monitor the physical status of your hard drive itself, utilizing the S.M.A.R.T. capability that has been built into hard drives for the past few years. MyMac rating: 5 out of 5. [Read the full review]


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