MJBoxHow Do I Control My Fonts?

In order for OS X to activate a font, it must be located in a system font location, with only certain users able to add or remove fonts from those locations. System fonts are always active, so they always appear in font menus. Long font menus lead to longer startup times for your applications as well as making it more difficult for you to find the exact font you want to use for a project.

MasterJuggler gives you access to your entire font library, and you can store your fonts in any folder on any drive. You can even share fonts over a network. Font sets allow you to group fonts by client, job, project, or any other category. You can activate and deactivate fonts or sets of fonts as you need them without quitting all your open applications. Using just the fonts you need makes your font menus shorter and your applications start noticeably faster.

MasterJuggler goes beyond basic font management with its professional-level features. You can preview fonts in multiple ways from the MasterJuggler interface and choose the text you want for display. View information about multiple fonts in one window, with the ability to choose what information you want displayed. And MasterJuggler's gather capability makes it easy for graphics professionals to collect all the necessary fonts and files to send to a service bureau for output.

MJ Samples Screen Shot

Choosing the right font from among dozens can be confusing and time-consuming. Viewing your fonts in MasterJuggler's Samples tab makes selecting the right font for any project easier.

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