MJBoxWhat Is MasterJuggler?

MasterJuggler is the most powerful, easiest to use, professional font manager for OS X.

Your computer has proven to be an exceptional tool for expressing ideas. Designing with type inherently brings about the desire for more fonts. More fonts means a wider range of choices with which to express your ideas. So you collect more fonts - screen fonts, printer fonts, outline fonts, PostScript fonts, OpenType fonts and TrueType fonts. Before you know it, your fonts are completely unmanageable. MasterJuggler lets you take control of your fonts!

MasterJuggler gives you quick and easy access to your entire font library without forcing you to store all of your fonts in system font locations. You can store your fonts wherever you like, in any folder on any drive. You can even access fonts from removable media (such as a CD) or share fonts over a network. MasterJuggler does not need to move or copy your fonts in order to manage them. With MasterJuggler, you control which fonts are in use at all times.

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MasterJuggler offers quick access to thousands of fonts, regardless of where they are located. It supports all OS X compatible font formats.

Create font sets to organize your fonts. How you organize your fonts is up to you; create sets by project, client, font type, or whatever categories work best for your individual habits. There are no limitations except your imagination.

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