MJBoxUpgrade to MasterJuggler 3

Using an older version of MasterJuggler? Check out all the new features of MasterJuggler 3:

New interface
You can now view and organize your fonts both by file/suitcase or by individual fonts.

Completely rewritten in Cocoa
MasterJuggler now takes advantage of enhanced features and technologies in OS X, such as a configurable toolbar and a context-sensitive information drawer.

Management of all OS X compatible font formats
OS X supports several font formats that earlier versions of the operating system could not. MasterJuggler 3 can manage any font format supported by OS X.

Complete integration with both OS X and the Classic Environment
Fonts MasterJuggler has activated can be accessed by both your native OS X applications and your Classic applications.

Toolbar search
Type part of the name of a font or a file, and MasterJuggler will only display items that contain the typed text.

Integration with the Dock
MasterJuggler offers quick access to your font sets through the dock menu, allowing you to activate and deactivate sets without switching applications.

Customizable font organization
MasterJuggler offers a comprehensive library of all fonts in your System, simple organization of your favorite fonts, and separation of fonts you wish to access only temporarily.

Type ahead selection
Begin typing the name of a font or file, and MasterJuggler will select the first item that begins with what you have typed.

Display and examination of all System font locations
MasterJuggler displays all OS X System font locations, allowing you to examine and view information about the fonts located therein.

Preview multiple fonts and sizes within the MasterJuggler interface
Use the Samples and Waterfall views to see exactly how a string of text will display in multiple fonts or sizes. These displays can also be printed for reference.

Advanced set management
Fonts in a set may be located in any folder you wish; MasterJuggler centrally manages your sets. Also, sets may be contained within other sets. In addition, the same font can be part of more than one set.

Drag and drop addition of fonts
Simply drag and drop fonts to add them to or remove them from your library and sets. Drop a folder of fonts into MasterJuggler, and a new set is created from those fonts.

Continuous activation of fonts even when main application isn't running
Fonts that MasterJuggler activates remain active until you use MasterJuggler to deactivate the fonts. If you activate a font temporarily, the font remains active until you log out. In either case, the MasterJuggler application does not need to be active for your fonts to remain active.

MasterJuggler responds to a variety of AppleScript commands, allowing you to automate your workflow.

Enhanced gathering capability
Gather screen and printer fonts to send to a service bureau. MasterJuggler now supports OpenType fonts and gathers any PostScript files associated with these fonts.

Full support for Unicode fonts, including display of all Unicode glyphs, variants, and code pages
You can view a font's Glyph Map from the MasterJuggler interface. The Glyph Map can also be printed.

Font Guardian expanded to check new OS X fonts
Font Guardian will now examine any font format that is compatible with OS X and report any errors found in the font file.

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